Yajaira Jaume

Maracaibo, Venezuela


The experience of working with Carmita was special. The first thing was the connection with her authenticity, you know from the beginning that she cares about you and will accompany you 100% on the process that you initiate. It’s a strong feeling impossible to explain with words, you need to live it, so you can understand what I mean.

She provides a guide soft and firm at the same time, which makes you feel safe and accompanied; those skills helped me to surrender to my self-discovery. The experience was a joyful gift.

In addition of being intellectually prepared to offer the best of her knowledge with accurate observations, she helped me to reinforce certainties and clear doubts, but over her intelligence is her human quality to work helping others what really motivates changes.
Having her in the field of emotional and spiritual development is a contribution that enriches the world.