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I am passionate about mentoring and training leaders (especially female leaders) and bringing about positive changes from within.

I aim to bring about changes in how you see your job and/or business by empowering you to wake up motivated and inspired and at the end of the day, feel fulfilled with who you are and what you have accomplished.

Solutions For You

Each bespoke program is created with the expected outcome that brings about effective action, improved performance, and personal growth for the individual, as well as amplified results for the business. The programs are available in-person or through online platforms to save time and money.

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It’s time to re-Calibrate your universe, ergo your leadership skills.

You feel frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed. Maybe it’s time you got a little help. Whether you are an Intrapreneur, Entrepreneur, Individual or an Organization. I can help you get the clarity you need to empower yourself, your leaders, engage your teams and transform your business.

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6 Pillars That Balance Your Life

6 Pillars That Balance Your Life

I believe there are 6 pillars that sustain our life and contribute to our sense of wellbeing. They are Body, Mind, Emotions, Relationships, Resources and Meaning. Find out what each of them includes and how balanced is your life now.

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Feeling Empowered or a Victim, you Decide

Feeling Empowered or a Victim, you Decide

When you obey, even if you don’t agree; keep doing what you do, even if you are not satisfied; feel like a victim, trapped in your circumstances; you are giving up your power. It might seem “easier” to continue in the known torture, than to empower yourself and do something different. Recognising that you can always decide your best course of action, brings you back to the driving wheel of your life and helps you feel empowered of your life.
You’re the CEO, Director and General Manager of your business, career and life. Don’t forget that!!

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Let’s make September your New January

Let’s make September your New January

This has been a tough year; however, you still can get the best out of it. Take advantage of the beginning of the school year or the return from the brake brings and start to take intentional actions towards your goals for the year.

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