Your Second Act. 

What Does It Mean? Your life is a masterpiece, an opera, a ballet or maybe even a play. It might have one, two or more acts and you’re the artist creating it.

But… what does a Second Act in life mean? What can you do to make it even more meaningful than the first?

A Second Act is an opportunity to re-create your life, triggered by a divorce, a career change, losing a long-term hold job, creating a business, moving countries, an empty nest, etc.

In any case, life is handing you a blank canvas to create a new chapter, a second act in the masterpiece of life.

How do you picture your Second Act?

Having created Second Acts in my personal and professional life, I have found that what makes them meaningful masterpieces is having a clear vision of how you want that act to feel, to look, to sound, to move.

It might sound cliché, but you are the creator of your life, you can always choose how to react to what life brings your way. If you’re facing a Second Act in life, claim its ownership and commit to creating a life that’s meaningful and fulfilling for you. Use it to reconnect with yourself and design and create a new masterpiece!

Authoring your Second Act is an act of self-love, it might even be a journey to rediscover yourself, I know it firsthand. It can also be your path to a life with purpose, passion, joy, and bliss.

Are you willing to claim authorship for your Second Act?

If you answered YES, then I’d like to share some tips to help you get started.

Preferably in the morning or just before going to bed, find a quiet place where you can be alone and bring a notebook and pencil with you.

Calm your mind down with some deep breaths. Write this down:

If I could create the life I want to live, what would it be like? How would it feel like? What would it be like?

Close your eyes and give yourself permission to dream. Imagine it’s 10 years from now and you’re living as you always wanted, feeling satisfied with who you are, what you do and what you have. Let your mind wander for a few minutes.

Take a few deep breaths, open your eyes and write down what you’ve seen, heard, and felt while daydreaming. Write it all down with no judgements. Simply let the words flow.

Notice the emotions you feel while you write your vision.

You can repeat this exercise for a few days, read what you have written each day and witness the emotions the vision brings to you.

You have written your ideal Second Act, now it’s time to begin and create it. What can I do to help you get started on your journey?