Your best source of motivation

This is just between you and me. 

I am was procrastinator! 🥺

Once I owned it, I overcame it by using these two strategies.  🥳

The truth is, I tend to postpone tasks that take me out of my comfort zone or that, like being active in social media I don’t enjoy that much, always finding my way to less important things to do.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Of course, I end frustrated and disappointed with myself and sometimes I try to blame others for my procrastination as if I weren’t the CEO of my life and the one who takes the decisions.

However, I have found that taking the actions I have been avoiding, gives me the motivation to take more action, aka accomplishment fuels my motivation and sure it will fuel yours too.

How to take advantage of this?

One way I use this in my favour is to schedule these tasks first thing in the morning, that way, I harvest the motivation from checking them as completed early in the day.

As Brian Tracy says in his book Eat That Frog, I eat the ugliest frog first thing in the morning, and it fuels my day with the desire of continue taking action towards my vision and goals.

Another strategy is Time Blocking, with it, you set a certain block of time to get a specific work done and then take a short break, before going back to another chunk of work. Focusing in only one task at a time helps you get more done than jumping from one task to another.

The duration of the blocks might vary, if I’m writing content, I set blocks of 30 or 60 minutes with 10 or 15 minutes breaks; if I’m on social media, I set a 15 minutes period for being active either in a media or a group with a 5-min break before going to my next activity.

The results

Both strategies are helping me to achieve my daily and weekly goals, which in turn makes me feel more empowered, motivated and connected which are some of my core desired feelings.

As I feel this way, my confidence increases, I get more creative, my motivation grows, my message reaches more people, my confidence increases and so and so on.

If you like me are a procrastinator, try these strategies and let me know how you feel when you click done on the tasks you’ve been procrastinating.

Click here and let’s discuss some strategies you can implement to achieve your goals and get closer to your long term vision.