It’s New Year’s Goals Time, should you go for

SMART or DUMB Goals?

Yup, it’s again that time of the year when, you dream again, connect with your deep desires and set goals for the New Year, then you ask yourself which goals to set?

It is even possible, that your previous experiences setting and achieving goals have left you wondering whether you should set goals at all.

I know that feeling, it happened to me too.

As a Consultant and Coach, I know how important setting the right goals is. But, what are the right goals?

The right goals are those that motivate you to take action day in and day out and also stretch you out of your comfort zone.

Surely, you’ve heard of SMART goals; however, have you heard about DUMB goals?

SMART vs DUMB goals

Before going deeper on the matter of setting goals, let’s first describe these two types of goals.

SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time bounded.

DUMB goals:  Dream driven, Uplifting, Motivating and Bold.

Although SMART goals work very well in the corporate arena, they might not be the best starting point in the personal one.

How I got to setting DUMB goals

Early in 2016, after revisiting my life and business Vision, I set my SMART goals accordingly.

As the year was passing by, my motivation and creativity decreased, I was taking action and achieving my daily goals, but there was not joy in the process. I was doing things for the sake of clicking tasks in my planner.

At the end of that year, I was demotivated and depressed.

Having a problem-solving mindset, I decided to find the root cause and solution.

Why was I so demotivated and uninspired?

I realized that there was no soul in my goals and actions, therefore, I lost the inspiration to write, create, or dream.

My goals were SMART but pursuing them was having a negative impact on me.

The next question was: How do I set goals that I feel motivated to achieve?

In my search for answers, I first found Danielle LaPorte‘s Goals with Soul approach, which focuses on identifying the feelings you want to feel and then defining what you will do to feel that way. Later I was introduced to the concept of DUMB goals by Brendon Burchard on his podcast about how to plan an extraordinary 2017.

These two approaches to setting goals gained my heart while doing Danielle LaPorte’s exercises, I was already feeling motivated, enthusiastic, in a way I haven’t felt for a while and defining my DUMB goals, ignited my desire to take actions that will make me feel the way I wanted.

Since then, I adopted the method for myself and my clients. I first work on setting DUMB goals and only when going to the details, I use SMART goals to have a way to measure progress in time and results, while always connecting with the desired feelings when taking decisions or selecting options.

Although it might sound counterintuitive, setting DUMB goals may be the best starting point to define goals you’ll really want to act on.

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