Together Everyone Achieves More

TEAM – an approach that creates high performing teams through empathy, nurturing of trust, and maximizing the diversity of powerful skills and practices.

Step 1 - Initiate & Diagnose

The purpose of this step is to get to know what’s going on, so we can define a pathway, tailored to your needs and resources, that will help you and your organisation start its journey to sustainable success.

We will go through important aspects, such as:

  • Why and for what was it created.
  • Long-term vision.
  • Values and regulation.
  • Structure, processes and systems in place.
  • Strategies and short, mid and long-term plans.
  • Current goals and performance.
  • What is and isn’t working.

up to 20 hours

Step 2 - Plan & Design

Based on the diagnosis, using tools such as brainstorming, ideation, options analysis, feasibility study, root cause analysis, problem solving, planning scenarios, etc., we’ll define, actualise and/or formalise elements that are foundational to your organisation and set the roadmap towards its sustainable success.

Here are some of the results from this step:

  • A clear long-term vision.
  • Gap analysis (where the organisation is vs its long-term vision).
  • A mission statement based on why and for what the organisation exists.
  • A definition of the values that guide what it does and how it works.
  • Proposed structure, processes and systems to support its operations.
  • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis.
  • Revised short, mid and long-term objectives.
  • Short term goals and needs.

From this stage onwards, it’s  important to involve at least the key individuals from your work teams, as it facilitates the engagement of the workforce in the change process, which brings motivation and a feeling of belonging to the organisation, while at the same time allows to receive their feedback and even align their vision for their work with that of the organisation, which in turn increases their levels of commitment and personal satisfaction, that traduces in increased productivity.

up to 20 hours

Step 3 - Execute & Control

Using the strategies and objectives set in the previous step, we’ll define specific goals and actions for their immediate implementation, as well as the process to assess the results and adjust the plan accordingly.

The results from this step include:

  • One-year goals.
  • Priorities to focus on.
  • Twelve-week goals and detailed action plan, including time lapses, responsibilities, and resources needed (SMART goals).
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Process and scope to assess results and update the plan, as required.

The most efficient way to harvest results at this step is to assess the results weekly, if possible, in order to identify bottlenecks that were not detected during the diagnosis, harvest early wins and recognise strengths and weaknesses that were hidden during the previous assessment

up to 32 hours

Step 4 - Measure & Improve

Once the first 12-week action plan has been executed, we’ll evaluate the progress towards the one-year goals, adjust direction, if needed, and use the lessons learned to plan the following 12-week.

Activities involved will include:

  • Assessment of the one-year goals and priorities in view of the results obtained.
  • Harvest the lessons learned and how to use them to improve both, processes and performance, including opportunities for improvement.
  • Review and update the objectives and priorities set in step 2 to reflect the results and required changes.
  • Define a new set of goals and an action plan for the following 12-weeks.
  • Adjust KPIs and assessment mechanisms, as required.
  • Expand the involvement of work teams, as required.

up to 16 hours

Step 5 - Check-in & Follow-up

Once completed the fourth step, we’ll continue for another 12 weeks with a monthly follow up and check-in process to support your journey by reviewing the performance, recognising wins and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Carmita Prieto

Business Consultant

I am passionate about mentoring and training leaders (especially female leaders) and bringing about positive changes from within.

I want to change the way people see their job and business and create a movement of people who wakes up motivated and inspired by their day ahead and head to bed feeling satisfied for who they are and what they do.