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My programs are designed to unlock the leadership potential of any individual whether you are a Solopreneur, Entrepreneur, Intrapreneur, or part of any Company.


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My approach with businesses is to create truly high performing teams and communities by sharing a common vision and nurturing empathy, the spirit of excellence, trust, and diversity of skills and abilities.


Imagine. Dare. Expand. Achieve.

Regardless of what stage you are at as an Entrepreneur, Solopreneur or Intrapreneur, you can expect expert support that will maximize your knowledge, skills, performance, teams, organizations, networks, relationships and opportunities.


Strategic Intensive

Set yourself up for sustainable success. Take some time for yourself and get the push to propel yourself towards greatness. Save yourself time, energy and prevent unnecessary mistakes by planning and strategising from the start.

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What People are Saying


The process has helped me to shift my perspective of dreams in a transformative and empowering way. I have discovered that all the answers I was looking for on the outside were already in my mind and heart. Carmita encouraged me to ask the right questions and take action in order to achieve my dream. Carmita also helped me to realize that there is no perfect time to act but now. Life is happening and my dreams not necessarily have to wait.

Working with Carmita was like having a friend’s hand taking me back to re-encounter my talents and passions that were hidden in the dust of fear.

Thanks to her I decided to launch Minikaizen, I took the leap of faith counting with three likes from my husband, my sister and hers. Today I have 6500 followers that are there for good and for bad. Many unknown people write to me asking for support or for space for them to be heard.

I cannot thank you enough Carmita!

Gabriela C.

Muscat, Oman

The experience of working with Carmita was special. The first thing was the connection with her authenticity, you know from the beginning that she cares about you and will accompany you 100% on the process that you initiate. It’s a strong feeling impossible to explain with words, you need to live it, so you can understand what I mean.

She provides a guide soft and firm at the same time, which makes you feel safe and accompanied; those skills helped me to surrender to my self-discovery. The experience was a joyful gift.

In addition of being intellectually prepared to offer the best of her knowledge with accurate observations, she helped me to reinforce certainties and clear doubts, but over her intelligence is her human quality to work helping others what really motivates changes.

Having her in the field of emotional and spiritual development is a contribution that enriches the world.

Yajaira J.

Maracaibo, Venezuela

I want to recognise how useful has been participating in Carmita’s Program. Although I have needed some time to mature my ideas and inner work to discover some of my limitations, the meaning, and feeling of my life have changed. I am more focused on what I want and that’s thanks to Carmita’s teachings and conversations.

I have achieved 30% of my economical goals so far, since July I’m working on something I really like and I feel happy.

I know I still have more to do and sometimes I feel I’m going backward, but thanks for seeing me through this program,  the push to start up… THANK YOU!!

Carolina U.


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