When you decide to obey, even if you don’t agree; keep doing what you do, even if you are not satisfied; feel like a victim, trapped in your circumstances; you are giving up your power. Perhaps it seems “easier” to continue in the known torture, than to empower yourself and try something different, that brings joy to your life.

By giving up your power, you feel victimized, helpless, trapped, out of control of your life.

The worst is that sometimes, despite the pain, discomfort, suffering, health problems, etc., you prefer to leave things as they are.

In that case, are you really a victim, or are you choosing to do nothing to change them?

Recently I realized how, without realizing it, I had given up my power, on an important project.

It all started when the products I received were far from what I expected. I had given her carte blanche and even though I didn’t like the first results, I still thought she was the expert. In the end I felt disappointed and it was then when I made a reflection and recognized that:

  • I had not been deceived, I elevated that person to the level of an expert, without seeing her work, only with what she had told me.
  • Although there were things that I could modify later, the agreed specifications had to be met.
  • I have much more knowledge of business management than I thought.
  • That the same way I surrendered my power, I could empower myself and take back the control of the project.

Recognising that I was only a victim of my own decisions, helped me change my attitude.

As a result, I decided to empower myself rather than being the victim.

I asked the person to deliver the product as agreed and I learned that, as she had been involved in other projects, mine, which I had also abandoned due to “disappointment”, was far from completed.

Now, I am behind her, to make sure she includes what is missing, other things I will solve in due course.

As you can see, I could have started a series of complaints and felt totally victim of a person who offered one thing and delivered another, but that would not solve anything. I assumed the consequences of my decisions, but also demanded that the offered product be delivered.

Empower yourself or be a victim, it depends on you, you decide …

By being behind the wheel of your life, taking control of the route, of your trip, towards a destination that you choose for yourself, you will feel empowered, energized, motivated to take action, to achieve what you want, ceasing to feel that circumstances control your life.

In what areas of your business or life have you surrendered your power and to whom? To your children, your spouse, your team, the political conditions surrounding you …

If you want to empower yourself in your life, I can help you reconnect with your power and regain leadership in your life.

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