Do you drag yourself out of bed every morning?

How would you rather wake up every morning? Dragging yourself out of bed or getting up motivated in anticipation of your day ahead?

Some people get up anticipating another tedious day, while others jump out of bed excited by what is waiting for them that day.

If you are a part of the first group, don’t panic! It can be that:

  • You find no purpose in what you are doing;
  • Your values are in conflict with those of the organization you work in; or
  • Your expectations regarding your job aren’t met.

I have been there and luckily, in either case, there is a way forward, although it might not be obvious.

How these factors show up in your life

The best way to explain to you how they show you in your life is by sharing my own story.

In some moments of my 40-year career as an engineer, waking up and getting ready to go to work was kind of torture, making me slower than I usually am in the morning.

At first, I blamed others, the country, the company, my boss, but the truth was that I found no meaning or motivation in my work. 

My search for meaning and motivation took me a few years, I began trying to stay with what was familiar to me. However, when I envisioned my future life, I couldn’t see myself joyful doing that, so I had to find another way.

It became clear to me that the first step was to give a purpose to my job and set the intention of keep searching, this decision alone made me feel empowered, realizing that I had options and always could choose.

Sometime later, talking with my coach, I relinked to what brings me joy, what makes my heart sing, what I’m passionate about. That was a real turning point.

After that, I gave a bigger purpose for my job. It would help me save money and buy the time and resources I needed to prepare myself for a career change.

From that moment onwards my life changed, and it showed to the point that even my manager once told me I was the only happy person there and yes, I was motivated and joyful anticipating what my future will be.

In the process, I also discovered there was a lack of alignment between my values and those of the industry and company I was working for, which was another source of dissatisfaction.

I had no big expectations for my job at that moment, but I have had clients who are unfulfilled expectations were the main cause of their dissatisfaction. Contrasting their expectations with their job functions and organizational culture, allowed them to reframe the situation and define a long-term strategy.

What you can do

It isn’t easy to change jobs or careers after being in yours for several years or decades, but if you are dragging yourself out of bed every morning, the only person that can either repurpose your job, reframe the situation, or plan the way forward is you.

Having clarity on what you want and a plan to get there will boost your motivation, as you can begin to anticipate how reaching your goal will make you feel. This in turn, feeds your will to take action, your empowerment, and your motivation.

At the end of the day, it’s your life, you’re its CEO; you’re the person making the decisions. As Rob Bell says in one episode of his podcast “you are The Committee”.

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