Aj Philp

Jativa, Spain


Carmita has shared her expertise and time on her online business program.

She has been incredible – setting challenges weekly. She has helped me achieve more than I could ever imagine.
The accountability each week pushed me over my fears of months/ years, to take action and achieve what I want and take a closer analytical approach to my business.

It has shown me serious flaws in the way I ran my business, but gave me confidence that it was not to late to change things.

It has been extraordinary and I cannot recommend Carmita enough!

Everyone in business would benefit enormously from working with her.

I’ve signed up for many on line challenges/ programs to never complete them. Carmita’s program is the only one that I have completed, despite a few issues of travel abroad, illness and corona virus lockdown.

The energy she gives was always positive and encouraging.

I found her knowledge and advice extremely implementable.

I’m off to finally get a grips of my business, implement changes to enable it to be sustainable and grow in times where the economic climate is going to change.

Often when one takes a coaching program it will open doors you don’t think are linked. She was awesome in recognizing the subjacent issues, she guided me, in healing myself and taught me how not to beat myself up. Her advice was Intuitive, caring and much needed and I am very very grateful.

I have a lot of work in-front of me but I am inspired. I now know what needs to be done, how to do it, how to be accountable, flexible and brave.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the most amazing, caring business consultant.