I believe there are 6 pillars that balance our life and contribute to our sense of wellbeing.

As human beings, we are complex creatures, we embody our body, mind and soul and, as social beings, our emotions, relationships, environment, and sense of meaning, are also crucial for us to have a sense of balance, joy and fulfilment.

I became aware of this years ago, when I was introduced to the Wheel of Life to help me find out the source of the sense of distress, unbalance and dissatisfaction I was facing at that time.

Although there are many theories about what brings a sense of balance, joy and fulfilment to our life, in my view it stands over six (6) pillars: Body, Mind, Emotions, Relationships, Resources and Meaning (as shown below).





If you focus only in one or few of these pillars, forgetting about the others, your sense of wellbeing suffers, even if you are not aware of what’s happening.

In example, if you focus on pursuing your professional development, but neglect your sleep and rest, relationships and emotional balance, you might end getting sick, depressed or burnt out, with not knowing really why.

When these pillars are unbalanced, you tend to feel stressed, depressed, demotivated and tired, while with more balance, you feel more motivation, focus, joy and in control of your life.

If you drag yourself out of bed every morning, with no enthusiasm for your day ahead or if you’re feeling stuck, chances are that you have neglected some of these pillars and are beginning to feel its impact. Trust me, I know it from experience.

Taking few minutes to assess the status of these pillars, considering what each of them involves, you will identify those areas that require attention, so that you can take intentional action to improve them and recover your sense of wellbeing.

So, why don’t you take some minutes to evaluate your satisfaction with the status of each pillar from 1 (dissatisfied) to 10 (fully satisfied) and find out where some changes would help you to regain your sense of balance and wellbeing. Use the circle below for this purpose.





If the results show a bumpy circle and you realize that you’ve neglected some aspects of your life, ask yourself why is that happening?

Have you forgotten some of them, due to your busy life?

Perhaps, some aspects make you feel uncomfortable and you have set them aside?

How would your life be, if its pillars were more balanced? What can you do today to improve your situation? What can you change to help you regain balance, wellbeing and joy?


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